Changes in CombiBreed Genetic Diseases for Cats (K865)


As of November 6th, for technical reasons a change will be implemented in CombiBreed Genetic Diseases (K865). Two tests for Glycogentoxicosis GSD Type IV (K751) and Spinal Muscular Atrophie (SMA) (K767) need to be removed from the combination package.

However, we have the option to offer you these tests in combination with the remaining test for a Combibreed package at € 7,50 (per test) a reduced price when ordered at the same time in our webshop. This option is only available for the tests K751 and K767 in combination with:
- CombiBreed Genetic Diseases (K865) or
- CombiBreed Hair Length (K460) or
- CombiBreed Coat Colour (K866).


A complete and up-to-date overview of our cat tests is available on our CombiBreed Webshop Cat.